Saturday, October 9, 2010

NOVUS: The Last Trial

There are a couple reasons why I wrote this issue.

1) In the event that I should die, be raptured, or otherwise unable to continue writing these stories at least they will have some closure.

2) I wanted to show an alternate ending to these stories, that will foreshadow a future I wish to explore.

As a child the one thing that concerned me was the end of the world. I was raised Catholic for the first 12 years of my life. As I have stated in the description for this blog it is made to be controversial. I don't remember what age I was, but I remember being young and sitting down with my dad and sister (and younger brothers) and suddenly the subject of the end of the world came up. The idea of the world ending was ground breaking (earth shattering) for me, but I immediately realized that it made sence that the world would end.

"All things come to an end"... which seems to be the theme of this issue, and yet that cliche isn't entirely true. At first we talked about the "scientific" ends of the world. You know, like entropy and meteors crashing into the Earth, or us falling into the sun. Then my sister brought up the rapture, and the Tribulation.

You may be sitting here and saying "Well I don't believe in either of those, because I don't believe the Bible". Well, the same passage that predicts the Tribulation predicts an increase in earthquakes and wars in the last day. Coincidentally, it seems the colective secular psyche predicted that war would end. This is one of the millions of things that the Bible has predicted.

This issue is like the NOVUS version of the Left Behind series. One big difference is that the writers of Left Behind spent much longer than I did researching the end times. The similarity between both stories, is that it is our interpretation on the end times. We could be very wrong, yet some things are written in plain English as to how it will go down.

I am NOT saying that it is prophetic that superheroes will exist in the end times. You can research the subject and read the passages from the Bible and see what it says. I also did not disclose the time period in which this event takes place. That way I make no prediction as to when these prophecies will be fulfilled, or what point in the mythology any of the mentioned events occur. The Last Trial could take place in the near future, or in an alternate timeline in the distant future.

But now lets talk about the characters, as this issue is jam packed with cameos of some of my favorite NOVUS Characters.
The first cameo goes to Lucky, of the Thrillers, as well as Captain and two unnamed females. The Thriller are mere humans; thrill-seeking, morally grey international agents-for-hire.
The second cameo goes to Gadgo, one of the three main characters in the NOVUS Universe (in the triumvirate with Zack). Gadgo is the techno guru, and is what I call a "powerless" or a human with no powers who is considered a hero. Gadgo will get his own issue very soon, in fact you can check our website for it now. This issue foreshadows where I want to go with the Gadgo legacy, so pay attention to details about him and compare them to details in his first issue and you will get a hint as to Gadgo's future.
Guardian and John also make an appearance, but you already know all that you should about them.
The final cameos go to Abbas and Felis, who will also star in Part 2 of Season one.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chapter 6

The end… or is it??

The rumors are confirmed: the series called “NOVUS Mainstream” and this book called “NOVUS Mainstream Season 1” (specifically “Part 2”) is in fact part of a much larger phenomenon. As a younger kid I created many stories about Zack Powers, most of them in his adult years, taking place in the future. NOVUS Mainstream will branch out into many spin off series about some interesting characters, from “different worlds” but all inhabiting the same fictional universe.

There is a trio of main character (that I will separate into different franchises). Zack is one three main franchise, being the superhero with no traditional-like theme but just a list of powers (for the nerds, he is often considered the energy factor in any group). He also has a team of super-freak comrades (all part of the same franchise). Zack has two other friend: one who is a powerless techno guru, and the other is a “powerhouse” or “meta-athlete” (one with powers including, or mainly in, strength, speed, durability, and endurance).

The beginning of chapter 6 was taken from a draft for a story that was going to be Zack’s debut. Between 2008 and 2009 there were several such drafts, plenty to reminisce about but not enough time. In each chapter there are cameos of key characters I created long ago that I hope to bring back. The key character cameo in this chapter is one named Mr. Bizarre. Bizarre is a supporting character for a fourth possible franchise idea I have. Bizarre has no powers but regularly faces the impossible and is an efficient adversary to it. He gives Zack a run for his money with his sharp mind, and his experience with facing superhumans.

Another character that cameos is one Captain Wescoat, who is actually based off a real person who is a friend of mine. Wescoat is a spy for the GIA who also works for the Paranormal Control. Although he made only a short cameo, he makes several appearances in the next book, and I am working on making a possible spin-off series for him leading an emergency dispatch paranormal fighting unit.

This series (“NOVUS Mainstream Season 1 Part 1” or “NMS1P1”) closes out after the discovery of the paranormal realm and the superhero community. This is a milestone in the NOVUS Universe because before this point there were few marked differences between the real world and the NOVUS world, and even fewer in the publics eye. Now the NOVUS Universe will start to deviate notably from reality.

This chapter also features an appearance from the President of the United States. I am currently looking into laws of using real people in fictional work. So there remains the possibility that this will turn out to be a fictional President, but the story takes place only a couple months ago (in April of 2010) so technically the President would be the current one. I mean absolutely no disrespect or slander towards the President, and I have no intention of political innuendo.

Michael Pierce is a character I created to replace many duties of the President in this story. Michael is a character shredded in mystery and seems to be just what the doctor ordered for this story. He secretly advises the Presidents (going back to Reagan, and including presidents around the world) on dealing with matters that are kept hidden from the public. It undeterminable how long he has been working with Cyvan, or where his loyalties lie, but you will later discover he is driven by a need to know more about superheroes, the paranormal, and other secrets hid from the public.

The New Beginning

Kon is another key character, who winds up becoming one of my favorites. In the end of chapter 6 we introduced three key characters including Guardian (who is to the NOVUS Universe as Aslan is to Narnia), Candy (a lead female character), and Strong (super strong juggernaut, American super-soldier). Kon is the fourth key character, who will show up in the next book, and I realized had close connections with the three head-honcho villains of the NOVUS Universe. (See if you can name all three connections in the comment section.) I figured these connections made him a perfect candidate to foreshadow future of the series. Kon lives on the distant planet Isowak, which is at the literal edge of the universe. His people are savages, legendary conquerors, with a lust for more power (strength, speed, durability and endurance) in all of their weapons and inventions. They run an intergalactic empire that poses a threat to earth, so they will be in future episodes. We will just have to wait and see how long…

Monday, August 16, 2010

Chapter 5

When creating stories there is always one concept that intrigues me: what if the antagonists win? Not to get off topic, and I've told this story before. When I was first creating stories with Zack and Tommy, I made one episode where the antagonist suceeded in blowing up the Earth! Then I remember just sitting there and thinking "... what now??" Point being that the villain often cannot conceivably live. But this is why I love writing science fiction (if this is still classified as sci-fi). This chapter opens up with a peak at the future. This sneak peak will act as a motivating factor for our heroes, to prevent this future from occuring.

I also mentioned the Society of Terrorists, which is a group of villains I will hopefully continue writing about. It just so happened that they were the perfect group to blame this explosion on and give a cameo.

John and Elijah travel along the East Coast to seek the help of a specialist, who studies and protects superhumans, one of the original paranormal scientists. We bring back Warp (a favorite of mine) and introduce Kinetica and Shiftogen (who both have a future in the NOVUS World). Elijah gets his nickname (which I have been waiting to release) and John's nickname is also revealed. Meta-Man is harnessed by the superhumans as an unstoppable force, I just hope they can control him. Andrew (another fun character) comes back to display his full super-potential. A violent war ensues as the mysterious New Axis attemps to use a superhuman army.

As I sit here and think about it, I have no idea what will happen to these superhumans after this mission. Never gave it a thought. Leave any suggestions in the comments.

Zack makes one small appearance... in the final scene. The world is about to change. Zack has quite a challenge to face, including opponents who are experienced in defeating superhumans: The Paranormal Control. Zack will have to face his own home country and hopefully change them from the inside.

But I am currently working on several things... all at once. Primarily I am working on a book (NOVUS Collaborations) for Season two. I am also starting another series for part 2 of Season 1, a series about the beginning of this millenium (particularly 2002-2005) and the two early superheroes that existed in that period of the NOVUS Universe (Canine and Gadgo). They are considered the first NOVUS superheroes. Also with that series I have our first comic book in the works. I am currently in scripting stage with the artist and we have no set due date.
I am also working on a short story about eschatology in the NOVUS Universe, called "NOVUS: Last Trial". I wrote this story, mostly in light of the possibility that I may not be able to finish the Multiseries. This way I have a story, that can take place at any time, and tell how the Universe will probably end, without spoiling any future stories... but also making a teaser for future events.
Lastly I'm am going to annouce a part-comic-book-part-picture-book, that will feature some of NOVUS' greatest characters, coming out sometime in the next two years. It will be targeting a younger audience of boys, but the age demograpbic is still uncertain. I have a lot of hopes for this budding project. Tell all of your friends who have young kids.

Once again I want to thank my fans. I am excited to have written this much of my stories. I hope that it can grow, and the stories can continue on and never get old.

Important Message (Public Service Announcement)

So, there is a motivating factor behind everything I do. Everyone has a motivating factor, but there is one thing that gave me the reason to stay alive long enough to do you. Let me tell you a little about myself. I grew up in Catholic. God has almost always been a part of my life, but I also identify with the atheists. There was a period in my life where I didn’t believe in God existence. At the time it seemed logical, and I only wished to be right. But now I laugh at that period, and I would love to sit down and talk with anyone just to convince them God exists.

I honestly believe that I was made to tell stories. I wasn’t even eight when I created my first superhero. I’ve made countless superheroes. I developed many stories, some with the help of my friend Nick Peterson (the co-creator for Tommy). On July 4, 2002 I created the character Zack Agent (who later became Zack Powers) and subsequently his team of super-freak comrades, the Super Team (later the Super Corp). Jumping off of that I created many spin-offs and colorful characters. It was all in my head, and the series were imaginary. Zack’s world (the FR Universe) developed for several years, accumulating a mythos that spanned 40 years. The world kind of revolved around Zack, a teenage superhero (about my age), who grew up into an adult hero, started a family, and his kids became the next generation of heroes.

Sometimes the superhero genre can get unrealistic and pointless and I try to avoid that. My views on the world changed when I was twelve, sometime after we changed churches. At this new church there was something different. I started realizing things I never gave care to before. Including things about different religions. I released something else.

(This part will only make sense after you are convinced God exists, so you may wanna talk to me about that if you’re not.) We often say that no one is perfect. I would go to say that statement is sugar coated. The Bible says the heart is “deceitful above all things and desperately wicked”, we have no idea how bad it is. So I get sick when people say that we are all basically good people. I realized the Ten Commandments are NOT for us to find loop holes in so we can earn our way to heaven. The Ten Commandments show us that we have a problem. It only takes one sin to condemn you. (I got to bring the bad news before the good.) I think we’ve all lied… way more than once. The Bible also says that if you look at a woman (Jesus was speaking to men in this instance, so if you’re a woman its man) with lust that’s adultery. The Bible says if you are angry at a person without cause, its equated to murder. The Bible says that you are condemned already.

I learned all this at this new church, and I will post references soon. Despite what you may think I was relieved… because I released that we all had the same plight. Now my time is running short, but there is a way to escape condemnation (of Hell). Pray to God, talk to Him (but with respect). He is perfect (despite the people that say God/Jesus sinned). He sent His Son to die for your sins. Admit you’re a sinner (its also good to get some sins off your chest), believe in Jesus, and accept His payment.

That’s what I did 6 years ago, and it changed my stories and my characters. At first I wanted all my characters to be Christian. I have recently retrofitted the FR Universe to be published, calling it the NOVUS Universe. In these stories I write, I want to portray all worldviews. No one should be misunderstood. But the message I gave above gives me hope, and I want everyone to have a chance to accept it… without excuses.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chapter 4

When I sat down to write the first scene, and I basically winged it. Tell, me in the comment section, does it show? The thing that you need to focus on is the powers of the different members, the intentions of the Cult, and the foreshadowing. Pay no attention to the codenames of the characters.

As I’ve stated, the action really picks up in this chapter. I have officially decided to set our demographic in the thirteen and up age group. The book is about war on evil, and although it is not too graphic (I have a kind of weak stomach) I would not advise a kid under thirteen reading the book.

In this chapter we introduce Creature, who is a link to another time period of the NOVUS Universe. We will hopefully come back to this time period, provided that things go well. I am beginning to introduce more characters that were really fun to make but I had to kill them off instantly. Hopefully we will find ways to revisit these characters, maybe telling stories of their past, or bring them to the present with cloning or time travel.

I put a lot of work into the fight scene. Tell me, what did you think? A while back I told you to keep an eye out for a character named Fred Howell. Were you listening? Did you find him yet?

So we have one scene where Zack (the character who represents my viewpoints) tries to talk to his buddy Tommy about spiritual things. They’ve talked about this sort of thing before, but now Tommy has a decision to make. Don't worry, he'll be back .... soon.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chapter 3

Ahh, Chapter3. Now the drama begins to pick up a bit.
Tell me though: did it jump around too much? did it make sense to you?

Either way this chapter turns our book (NOVUS Mainstream Season 1) into more of a mosaic. The day I sat down and wrote this is the day that I created (and developed) all of those characters, except for John. So all of these characters are spur of the moment, except I think I had their powers preplanned.

John, I had created only a couple months before writing this. So that would make this John's first publication EVER!! Whereas Zack and Gadgo (a later chacter) have been in a previous book that I've written. Zack, Gadgo, John, and another character named Canon make up the four main male characters in the NOVUS Universe. John, a telepath, was created to be a truth detector in the superhero community. It was then decided that he wouldn't be able to "see a person's heart" so that threw a monkey wrench in his function. Instead we changed it so that he can sense emotions, like sincerity (specifically sincerity towards a certain oath), or sudden descisions to go against an oath. He can also communicate with millions at once telepathically. Thus we gave him a new function: to recruit and approve new heroes, detect possibility of members going rogue, and to coordinate communications with comrades. But in this chapter, you and I get to learn of John's past.

One character that you will want to look out for it Clark Blake (but don't call him that, lest you have a death wish). I have some plans for this character. He is an extremely powerful individual, with amzing telekinetic abilities. His telekinesis allows him to replicate some of Superman's powers, and it has also been hinted that he will gain virtual invulnerability.

Elijah Grimm is one character that I will leave to the audience vote. Should he stay? I will not say what his powers are just yet, but in the end of the book he has the ability to bend air. I will also tease you with the fact that his father had this power, dormantly. Andrew is a character type I've always wanted to do, a super sensitive hero. The problem is that power has no offensive use. Charles returning I will also leave up to vote. Charles is an American version of Hiro from Heroes, crossed over with a hint of Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap. As of right now he is one of the strings that ties this story together.

Richard Daimon is another head hancho in the NOVUS Universe, but I play him more as an anti-hero or one who crosses the line back and forth. He is the authority on wisardry and an expert on the occult. He consideres himself to be an expert on the spiritual realm and on all religions. He is set to appear in future episodes, and even has a spot on the NOVUS Universe all-star team (mcuh to the dismay of Zack and John). Richard shows a person who believes they are good (and are doing good) but is actually doing a load of damage, and has ruined his life with demons, spirits, mystics, and the occult.

So vote, respond, and tell me what you think of chapter 3!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Chapters 1&2

I have recently noticed that The NOVUS Multiseries has three main influences. Our first influence (going all the way back to our beginnings in 2003) is traditional superheroes, and traditional comic books. Recently we have been specifically influenced by Marvel’s Ultimate Avengers. (I would like to thank Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch).

Our most recent influence comes from the hit TV series Heroes, which has taught me how to tell it more as a drama serial than independent adventures. My third influence comes from Frank E. Peretti’s Piercing the Darkness and This Present Darkness, which I thoroughly endorse. These books are my influence to the spiritual battle in the NOVUS Universe.

Chapter 1 takes place in 2005, within weeks of our main character, Zack Powers, becoming a superhero. Zack is a special agent with super powers, who works for a secret international organization. Although Zack is a kid, he has been thrust into war, two wars actually. He works for the Global Intelligence Agency, fighting their super-threats, but Chapter 1 introduces Zack and the audience to an invisible war that will be fought in the NOVUS Universe for years to come.

Chapter 2 skips to present day, 2010, and presents different problems more clearly. Superheroes, costumed crime fighters, and super humans have been under the radar of the public and even the government (somewhat) since their existence. (Costumed heroes are getting some recognition.) The Super Corp, Zack’s new team of super-soldier comrades, uncovers an international drug ring led by Aleksandr Carethia. Aleksandr is a monarch of a small, but powerful country in the east. We hint at the history of the NOVUS Universe as the connection between Aleksnadr and Commander X (the Super Corp mentor) is noted. We also meet a new character named Smoke Bomb, who is intended to be a one-shot character. Smoke Bomb is based off of costumed crime fighters who exist in real life ( We also introduce Tommy, a character to keep your eye on, who is an old friend of Zack’s true identity – Ryan Gates. Tommy has been around (as a character in my head) for as long as Zack. So the interesting thing with this story is that I am entertained to see Tommy’s past unfold before us. It’s as if I am learning with the audience. Tommy’s life has been taking many turns down bad roads. He has been discovered to be involved with drugs for quite some time and has been hanging out with a bad crowd. Tommy’s future remains undetermined but he seems to think him and his friends will “save the world”.